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Calendar and information regarding current operation of St. Knyaz Vladimir Church

NOTICE: St. Vladimir Church Attendance Rules changes from the Miami Government

(Nov 29, 2020)

The Miami local government has now permitted us to have no limit to OUTSIDE ATTENDANCE on our private property, as long as individuals strictly stay 6 feet apart (with masks) and individual families stay together, close to each other as separate groups.

Those wishing to attend the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and Great Feast Days are invited to OUTSIDE services beginning at 8:30 am. Confessions are at 8 am in front of the Church. As the Liturgy concludes, Holy Communion is administered outside at the front porch. A large outside TV provides the altar view and audio of the God-Service.

There is no longer a need to call Fr. Michael to be put on a list of attendees; for now, no attendance lists will be kept.

With strict limits of two persons in attendance, weekday molebans, panehedas, weddings and other such special needs services may be served inside the Church - call Fr. Daniel at the Church (305-448-7087) ahead of time to make an appointment.

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