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Report of the Haiti Mission's activities

Report of the Mission's activities and expenses of the $ 5,000 received by Father Daniel for the Nativity of Christ celebration. The Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in Haiti had celebrated the liturgy of the Nativity of Christ with many flashes and joys, this great feast of our church brought together priests, deacons, acrolith readers and especially many faithful different churches of the Mission, The joy of the risen Christ, forgiveness, reconciliation, love, humility, sharing for a stronger church were the words of funds given by the Reverend Father Jean Chénier Dumais in his homily of circumstance. Father Jean shouted with joy at seeing the clergy and many of the parishioners of the various churches who had responded to his invitation gather around him. He took the opportunity to thank especially Reverend Daniel who did everything to help with the expenses that this holiday requires and also allow us to give a small gift to the children of different churches of the Mission, he thanked the parishioners of the Church of St. Vladimir. He shared the wishes of Metropolitan Hilarion and Bishop Nicholas for the Mission for this holiday season. He explained how Father Daniel and his family are helping the mission in Haiti and asking everyone to pray for this family and for all our other benefactors. He thanked his collaborators in Haiti the priests and all the clergy and also Matushka Rose for their dedication to the service of the Mission. Shots of the whole, and the party continued to the office of the Mission at the local school of Notre Dame directed by Father Jean. Everything was well planned for a nice reception which took place in the calm to the satisfaction of all. The Mission's council took advantage of Father Jean to provide the insured with their health card and all other things concerning health insurance. Father Jean and Matushka Rose gave each parish official a check for the small gifts of the children of their parish, school, Father Jean gave all their means for their transport. The council took the opportunity to discuss some concerns about the Mission, everything that starts well and ends well. Here is the report of the $ 5000.00 received from Father Daniel: Details: 1 1- Church of Our Lady of the Nativity $ 500.00 2- Saint Peter and Paul Church (leogane) $ 200.00 3- Saint Jean Church (Cayes) $ 700.00 4- Church of Saint Irénée of Lyon (Maissade) $ 500.00 5- Church of St. Augustine (Jacmel) $ 700.00 6- Church of St. Moses the Black (Fontamara) $ 500.00 7- Church of Saint Nicholas (Cap Haitian) $ 500.00 Total: $ 1 3600.00 Details 2: 1- Food and drink $ 350.00 2- Transport of different delegations $ 800.00 Advertisement in newspapers, painting, etc. 3- Balance remaining on the account: $ 250.00 Total: $ 2 1400.00 Total: 1 + total 2 = $ 5000.00 The whole mission in Haiti thanks you. In Christ, Matushka Rose Legouté With the blessing of Father Jean Chénier Dumais Chairman of the Mission Council in Haiti. NB: I take advantage of the electricity that is very rare in Haiti in recent months to send you the small report, I promise you to share pictures tomorrow God willing.

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